Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Will You let Someone Else Live Your Future?

Well, would you let someone else live your future? The mere thought seems ridiculous. Strangely enough, though, we often allow it - without giving it any second thought.

When we allow other people's opinions and desires rule our lives, we allow them to live our futures. Many people go through life living the dreams of their parents. They spend their whole lives trying to satisfy the desires of others, without even beginning to explore their own passions.

Unfortunately, the problem goes even deeper. We are not only directed by what is consciously expected of us, but we are also subjected to negative conditioning. While we are unaware that others are shaping our thought patterns and beliefs, we simply allow them to continue.

As a result, we tend to adopt their bad habits - usually without even knowing that it is a bad habit. We adopt their way of reasoning, their attitudes, and even their expectations. In the process we adopt their evaluation systems.

We start seeing tings the way they do. After all, if you are exposed to someone else's views and patterns continuously - at a young age - it is often only a matter of time before we convince ourselves that it is good, and adapt it as our own.

Unfortunately, in the process of becoming "emotional clones" of the people we look up to, we also adopt their weaknesses, their insecurities, and their incapacities. We adopt their inability to break free and achieve success, because we believe it is beyond our reach.

After all, it was beyond their reach, so how could we possibly achieve it? Slowly but surely, the young boy dreaming of becoming an astronaut lets go of his dreams, and settles for a job as a salesman. The young girl lets go of her dream of becoming a model, and settles for being "the wife of a good man".

One by one, we let go of our dreams because they are "unrealistic", and the people who believe they know better, try to keep us from facing disappointment.

They try to limit us to their fears, their failures, and what they have been taught. Chances are that they had their futures lived by someone else - and they were conditioned to think, reason and evaluate in a specific pattern. Obviously, they were not able to break free from the hold of "someone who meant well".

They live your future - the way they think it should be.

Isn't it time you took your life back?

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